Take A Vacation On The Sun

COLAB eyewear teamed up with international street art superhero and super busy Anthony Lister to create the  VACATION ON THE SUN sunglasses. In between killer shows in LA and his next shows at the Metro Gallery, Melbourne, on the 24th of August, and at White Walls,San Francisco, in early September, Anthony has found some time to COLABorate.


Designed for those who like deep space, and inspired by a visual interpretation of universe tide line theory, these frames are now ready for the hearts and minds of us ordinary people. In an attempt to explain this almost inexplicable phenomenon The Dave Carter Show put together this video. Still confused… so are we.


Anthony Lister likes to zero in on the role of the superhero (who doesn’t). So for a bit of bonus radness the first 250 orders of VACATION ON THE SUN come packaged with an Anthony Lister Superhero mask in red, blue or yellow. Which colour do you get…? It’s a surprise!


Putting the masks on the frames makes the Rubix cube look like childsplay… So we have included an instruction manual so you don’t bust up your new frames.Go on… take a vacation on the sun.


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