Colab is not just eyewear, its art for your face.

Every season Colab works with a new group of creatives. We climb a hill, draw on some rocks and re-emerge adorned in some unique, very tangible, handmade, limited edition eyewear (and the occasional inexplicable scar…). There are only 1000 of each style ever produced worldwide.

From humble beginnings Colab has grown into an internationally recognized creative outlet for street artists, graphic designers, musicians and more. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the coolest and most innovative designers on the planet. These include Deanne Cheuk, Anthony Lister, Geoff McFetridge, Stefan Marx, Jonathan Zawada, Kill Pixie, Chris Hopkins, EBOY, Genevieve Gauckler, The Presets, Brett Chan, French, Will SweeneyMike Perry, TONITE, Timba Smits, Dmote, Josh Petherick, Rockin’ Jellybean, Perks & Mini (PAM) just to name a few.

We encourage our contributors to start with a totally blank slate. There are no restraints, no target markets to appease or monks with pointy sticks. We leave the design to the artists and let them drop their deepest eyewear desires on us. Colab, with the aid of Colab’s refined Science of Production, turns these ideas into wearable, functional (or not so) eyewear.

To quote Geoff McFetridge “It’s weird in here”.

COLAB PTY LTD, ACN: 115 998 493

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