Dunlop has commissioned three illustrators, Telegramme, Timba Smits and Raid71 to celebrate their 90years of the 24 hours of Le Mans. The illustrators were to depict Dunlop’s association with the race at various different stages of history.

Dunlop’s First Win 1924


Dunlop’s Most Race Wins in the 1950s

Timba Smits

90-year anniversary of 2014


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MCA ARTBAR will be transformed by Pip & Pop (Tanya Schultz) into a mix of  kawaii fluro colours, cat cafes and プリクラ(purikura)photo booths on Friday night, July 25th for one night only. There wont be a lot of nights in the future where you can enjoy cats, photos, Japanese punk bands, sweets, crystals, and crazy cuteness in Sydney.

Get your tickets at  MCA ARTBAR !








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Sydney based artist Louise ZHANG!
After her successful show PLOMP earlier this year, she will be having another show, #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) along side Tully Arnot, Liam Benson, and Criena Court at the Artereal Gallery.

The opening is on tomorrow night from 6pm, July, 3rd 2014.

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REKO RENNIE No Sleep Till Dreamtime


No Sleep Till Dream Time, presented by Reko Rennie and Blackartprojects will be exhibiting at the Chalk Horse, from June 26th till July 12th, and at The Art Gallery of New South Wales, from June 28th to November 30th. It will be worth checking out Reko Rennie’s contemporary approach to Kamilaroi ceremonial symbols, and his use of spray-paint, harder edges, and neon colours.



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Sydney Film Festival 2014

Out of the wide variety of films from the Sydney Film Festival, we have picked out two documentaries that are about amazing films and the creators behind them.


Jodorowsky’s Dune


What happened to the legendary film Dune?  The cult movie director behind, The Holy Mountain and El Topo, Alejandro Jodorowsky was working on Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel Dune back in the 70′s with amazing creatives onboard, from illustrator Moebius to Salvador Dalí. The Dune’s story boards and concept drawings seemed to have inspired the sci-fi genre for decades despite it never been made.


The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


A documentary that follows the award winning animation studio, Studio Ghibli. The driving force of the studio, Hayao Miyazaki director of the beautiful worlds of Princess Monokoke, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, works on his latest masterpieces and maybe his last, The Wind Rises. The creations, the studio has the making have been filling the hearts of many with sentimentally for the decades. This could be because each frame is carefully drawn by hand and the studio sticking to it’s traditions.

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    Vans The Omega‘s solo show is happening tonight at The Tate in collaboration with East EditionsThe Hours and Karton Group.

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 After the success of POW! WOW! Hawaii and Hong Kong, Jasper Wong now presents POW! WOW! Taiwan! A gathering of of local and international street artists will now be adding colour to the streets of Taipei from May 29th to June 3rd. We are looking forward to see some rad out comes.

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Flying Lotus has released a new music video for ‘PHANTASM’ from their album, “Until The Quite Comes”. Although the album was released more than a year ago they still managed to created this minimal, surreal music video with Markus Hofko. The film captures a strange relationship between a fluffy beast and this human like figure that has seem to have lost this body along these amazing landscapes in New Zealand.


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Its been almost a week since Sia’s MV ‘Chandelier’ directed by Daniel Askill was released and it’s nearly reaching 6 million views. The slightly disturbing dance moves choreographed by Ryan Heffington, are beautifully executed in a small run-down apartment by Maddie Ziegler from the TV show ‘Dance Moms’. Get ready to be mesmerised by this collaboration between directing, singing, and dancing.


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We can not stopping playing around with Sougwen Chung‘s animated fonts! Everything looks cool!

Have a go here! Kinecydysis



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‘All Your Gold’ at THE TATE Gallery

 THE TATE gallery in Sydney will be exhibiting an all female show, “All Your Gold” on April 30th. Co-curated by OUTERGOLD and Marty Routledge of The Hours. They have selected a talented group of 12 both local and global artists.

Biddy Maroney – WBYK (SYD)

 Cara Stricker (NYC)

Cat Rabbit (MEL)

Furry Little Peach (SYD)

Gemma O’Brien (SYD)

Greedy Hen (SYD)

Hannah Stouffer(LA)

Jacqueline Bui (SYD)

Jessica Hische (SF)




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Alex Trochut “Think Twice”

The prolific typographer, designer, and illustrator, Alex Trochut will be exhibiting, “Think Twice” at Colette Paris from May 5th to June 7th.

He is well know for his flowing liquified types and his ground breaking methods and approaches to graphic design. In this show,“Think Twice” he will be exploring duality, using a process he developed himself that allows two different images to appear on the same surface depending on the amount of light. It will be a show worth going at least twice. Once, during the day and once at night!

To get a better understanding of this printing technique, here is a video of this book, “More is More” where he uses the same method.



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“Aerosol Can” Major Lazer feat. Pharrell x MIKE GIANT

Check out this time lapse of Mike Giant covering walls with his calligraphy for Major Lazer and Pharrell’s single, “Aerosol Can”. Although there are no aerosol cans involved, Kyle DePinna has directed the film to go BOM BOM BOM BOM!



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Geoff McFetridge has unleashed 13  minimal paintings  at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. The show,  Meditallucination explores both meditation and hallucinations by striping down the images to its bare minimum.

“The images are meditations, in that they come from inside but they are also listening to the world around me. The paintings attempt to deeply engage with reality to try to attain transcendence. Hallucinations in that they are a made of the raw material of our brain, beyond experience, they are found images that are nearly hard wired into our minds.” – Geoff McFetridge, LA, 2014.





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Yes, leaves are falling and chills of wind are whipping through your hair making you grab for a leather jacket faster than you can say Fonzie. HELLO AUTUMN! Good news is… There’s still plenty of sunshine! Here are our top picks to keep your peepers looking sharp this Autumn!

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