“Aerosol Can” Major Lazer feat. Pharrell x MIKE GIANT

Check out this time lapse of Mike Giant covering walls with his calligraphy for Major Lazer and Pharrell’s single, “Aerosol Can”. Although there are no aerosol cans involved, Kyle DePinna has directed the film to go BOM BOM BOM BOM!



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Geoff McFetridge has unleashed 13  minimal paintings  at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. The show,  Meditallucination explores both meditation and hallucinations by striping down the images to its bare minimum.

“The images are meditations, in that they come from inside but they are also listening to the world around me. The paintings attempt to deeply engage with reality to try to attain transcendence. Hallucinations in that they are a made of the raw material of our brain, beyond experience, they are found images that are nearly hard wired into our minds.” – Geoff McFetridge, LA, 2014.





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Yes, leaves are falling and chills of wind are whipping through your hair making you grab for a leather jacket faster than you can say Fonzie. HELLO AUTUMN! Good news is… There’s still plenty of sunshine! Here are our top picks to keep your peepers looking sharp this Autumn!

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Mark Whalen Aka Kill Pixie will be having a show at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA. If your in town, you should defiantly check out his bizarre world of humans and sci-fi design objects interacting together.

The show is from April 5th to May 3th.

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Waves for Water Auction

CHANDRAN GALLERY X UNIV X JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE  have worked together to curate this rad charity auction for WAVES FOR WATERWaves for Water are now raising funds for the areas in the Philippines that were effected by the Super Typhoon Haiyan.


If you want to know more about this project click here.


Here are some of our favourites.

By Geoff McFetridge 

By Jeremy Fish 

By Retna





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East Editions have launched their 4th collaborative project with Sydney based graffiti artist Roach and Melbourne furniture maker Thomo & Coach. They have worked together to create a series of 5 multifunctional hand crafted timber boxes. Each box is painted and signed by Roach and the timber has been thoughtfully sourced from the mountain regions of Eastern Victoria. We love that small businesses like East Editions are shifting our consumer culture back to a culture where products are locally sourced and  hand made with lots of love.


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Our good friends over at Third Drawer Down have recently opened up at new southside store in Melbourne’s Prahran. Mirroring the goodness of their first store (in Fitzroy), the doors have opened onto another curated space full of  perfectly artistic/witty/amazing products.

Their new store has been unmistakably decorated by French artist Camille Walala with bold geometric patterns dominating the exterior (and parts of the interior) of the new store. Its bright, poppy and delicious (did someone say licorice allsort?)

Check out more of Camille’s work below….

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M.Contemporary together with Ambush Gallery presents FROM THE STREETS.

Street artists from across the globe will auction their work at the M.Contemporary Gallery, to raise funds for the children at Operation Smile. Artist Adnate, Beastman and Shannon Crees will be painting live during the opening!


Where: M. Contemporary Gallery, 37 Ocean st, Woollahra

When: Saturday 22 March, from 4-6pm


‘Hearts’ by Chris Uphues 


‘Local Amenities For Children’  by Slinkachu 

‘Untitled’ by Beastman 


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The Birth of Rockin Jelly Bean

Rockin Jelly Bean, thank you for your book you sent us!
One of our oldest’s friends Rockin Jelly Bean, has finally released a book about his art work and life. This book is no ordinary art book with pretentious writing about how cool the artist is and all his accomplishments. Rockin Jelly Bean describes the book in very simple words.


“Nipples, wrestling, masks, sex toys, robots, hot rods, rock bands, fish riders, hot pants, zombies, monsters, t-shirts, breasts, print techniques, L.A, Tokyo, Portland, Hawaii, surfing, devil girls, skeletons and many more necessities of life are packed into this 240 page retrospective.”


If anyone likes the sound of this crazy book you can check it out, on Erostika!






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Tokyo Fashion Dairies



Fashion journalist, stylist, and blogger, Misha Janette from Tokyo, worked with TOGA’s SS 2014 collection and COLAB’s Geoff Mcfreidge, “Day Lighters”, together with photographer Celia Humphries to create these amazing shots for Singapore’s JUICE Magazine.  Misha san Arigatou!


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Vivid Ideas 2014


Vivid Sydney has just announced their speakers for 2014!  Out of the amazing line up of creatives, marketing and branding gurus, Joshy D and Mike Giant from Rebel8 has caught our attention. We are looking forward to listen to how the legendary tattoo and graffiti artist, Mike Giant and founder of Rebel8, Joshy D worked together to create such an influential brand over 11years.

Don’t miss Joshy D and Mike Giant talk at for Vivid 2014!


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Its times like these we really wish some sort of teleportation device had been invented. High Math (a collaboration between Arkitip, Slow Culture and Altamont) opened last week bringing a mix of some of the most distinct and diverse artists to a rainy LA night. Aaron De La Cruz, Daniel Frost, Daniel Kent, Eric McHenry, Jay Howell, Kevin Lyons, Kyle De Lotto, Maia Ruth Lee, Michael Leon, Peter Sutherland, were just some of the contributors to this eclectic group – even COLAB’s  Mark Whalen joined the mix. Brainiacs get to work – we don’t want to miss another one of these…

Pics by The Hundreds.

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Semi-Permanent 2014

      Despite the struggle to look for a new venue since the closer of the Sydney Convention Centre,  Semi-Permanent 2014 has gathered  an amazing array of international and local guest speakers to Carriageworks. From skateboard legend Tony Hawk, to the artist full of mysteries Mr. Brainwash. Also from Australia there are some familiar faces like, jewellery designer Elke Kramer,  and film director Daniel Askill who will be screening his work at Carriageworks stylish Bay 20.


Tickets are out now! semipermanent.com


Elke Kramer


Tony Hawk

Mr. Brainwash

Images from  www.semipermanent.com

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If you missed out on the skateboard legends shredding it down at Bondi last week don’t worry. Boardworld captures the 10th Vans BOWL-A-RAMA beautifully on camera for you.

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We’ve been loving watching the murals pour out of this years POW! WOW! HAWAI’I! Here are some of our favourites…
1. James Jean

2. Dave Kinsey

3. Dabs Myla and Misery

4. Megs and Bask

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