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About us.

The best restaurants and makers. At your fingertips. In one order. Explore and discover new cultures and tastes. Know where your food comes from. Learn a new skill while you’re at it. Impress a date, your kids, or your mum. Eat well.

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We are always hungry for more.

We are CoLab. It’s our mission to bring incredible food to as many people as possible. To connect our community of restaurateurs and food producers to our community of home cooks and unofficial foodies.

Our secret sauce is taste + quality + convenience = CoLab.

We are a 24/7 online destination for ready-made meals, drinks, pantry staples & produce from restaurants, cafes & bars — in 1 order. Delivered to your door, across the nation.

Discover, shop, & eat well.

CoLab is the merger of ChefPrep and Co-lab pantry (2021). Born from a shared frustration of mass manufactured ready-made meals and food delivery services, we set out to shake up our industry. This means never compromising on taste, quality, or convenience, while connecting our wider community to Australia’s most loved restaurants, cafes, growers and makers.

You can learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together

Frequently asked questions

We are CoLab.
The convenient way to sort your pantry, fridge, freezer, or wine bar, in one order.

Questions, find the answers below.
Need to know more, email us at support@colab.com.au

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+ What is the delivery fee?
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+ What happens if an item I have purchased is out of stock?
+ What happens if an item I am trying to order is out of stock?
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