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Discover our curated edit of delicious cheese at Co-Lab Pantry. Try classics like local tasty cheddar and Meredith Goat’s Cheese, or enjoy the taste o...

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Discover our curated edit of delicious cheese at Co-Lab Pantry. Try classics like local tasty cheddar and Meredith Goat’s Cheese, or enjoy the taste of creamy brief, mozzarella or the sharp zing of a good blue. We have a variety of cheeses to discover with different flavours and textures to ensure there is something everyone will love! 

What is cheese?

We’re fairly certain you know what cheese is and have had the pleasure of eating it, but did you know this is one of the most searched questions when it comes to cheese on the internet? So, let’s go back to basics for a second and talk about what, actually, is cheese? Cheese is a product made from milk, salt and rennet. It dates back to 4000 years ago and there are so many different varieties, tastes and textures. Generally, cheese is either blue; hard; processed; semihard; semisoft; soft and fresh; or soft and ripened. 

How to make cheese?

Have you ever wondered how cheese is made? The basic cheesemaking process looks a little like this. Fresh milk is pasteurized to kill off any bacteria and starter cultures are then added. This helps to ferment the lactose in the cheese into lactic acid which is crucial for developing texture and flavour. Different starter cultures are used depending on what kind of cheese is being produced. After that, rennet is added which separates the curd (cheese) from the whey. The cheese is then cut after some time to allow more moisture to leak out of the cheese, before they’re then heated to further reduce any moisture. The curd is then finally separated from the whey and is either salted and pressed into a shape; or pressed into a brined hoop. Depending on the cheese being made, it’s also aged or eaten fresh! 

Types of cheese

It’s estimated that there are just under 2000 different varieties of cheese out there! At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock some of our favourites. These include: 

  • Cheddar cheese

Quite possibly the world’s most famous and popular cheese, cheddar has a slightly crumbly texture and a sharp, creamy taste. It originates from England and is made from cow’s milk. At Co-Lab Pantry we stock three different cheddars including Bay of Fires, Quicke’s smoked cheddar , and Pyengana clothbound cheddar.

  • Feta cheese

It’s crumbly, it’s salty, it’s feta. Feta cheese originates from Greece where it is a firm staple in many dishes in the cuisine (hello Greek salad). It’s a soft cheese that’s made from a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk. Try our feta cheese from Will Studd or an aged feta here.

  • Blue cheese

You either love it or hate it. There’s no cheese quite as divisive as blue cheese. It’s made with cultures from mold which results in spots or veins of the mold through the cheese. It’s normally pretty stinky, but also delicious. If you’re searching for blue cheese try the Riverine Blue, Milawa Cheese Co Blue, or Gorgonzola from Italy.

  • Brie cheese 

Creamy, buttery, oozy...We are in love with brie cheese. This cheese hails from France and can be made using either cow or goats milk. It’s been around since the Middle Ages and with good reason since it’s damn delicious. If you’re a true lover of brie, you won’t be able to resist the D’Affinois double cream brie

  • Haloumi cheese

If you haven’t tried grilled halloumi cheese with fresh figs before then you’re missing out! Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese made from a mix of goat and sheep’s milk. It’s perfect when fried or grilled thanks to its high melting point. Try it for yourself with our Aphrodite Halloumi.

Enjoy the very best local Australian and international cheeses when you shop at Co-lab Pantry. In addition to cheese, you can enjoy shopping for all your fresh produce, meat, seafood, and grocery needs too. We stock over 150 of Victoria’s very finest producers, restaurants and cafes so you can bring it home, with just one easy delivery fee.