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Gelato & Ice Cream

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Discover delicious gelato and ice-cream from the best artisan makers at Co-Lab Pantry. From creamy, rich flavours to fruity, zesty ones we have someth...

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Gelato & Ice Cream

Discover delicious gelato and ice-cream from the best artisan makers at Co-Lab Pantry. From creamy, rich flavours to fruity, zesty ones we have something for everyone. 

What is gelato?

Originating from Italy, gelato is a delicious frozen dessert. Whilst frozen desserts have been around for a very long time, the modern day gelato dates back to the Renaissance period. Whilst there is no denying that enjoying a scoop of gelato in Italy is utterly divine, luckily for us we have some excellent artisan gelato makers in Australia. At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock the very best gelato from Lavezzi Gelateria

What is ice-cream? 

A delicious sweet frozen dessert that bears some resemblance to gelato. We stock delicious ice-cream here at Co-Lab Pantry from Billy Van Creamy. Their team is dedicated to serving only the very best ice-cream made from top quality milk, cream, eggs and raw sugar. They use top quality organic milk from Schulz Organic Dairy, free range egg yolks and fresh cream from Melbourne-based micro-producer, St David Dairy. For their vegan options, their flavors are crafted from an in-house churned cashew and coconut milk blend that replicates the sweetness and creaminess of milk. All Billy van Creamy ice-cream are free from artificial stabilisers, emulsifiers, colours and flavours. 

What is the difference between ice-cream and gelato? 

Whilst both delicious there are some differences between ice-cream and gelato. The first is in the quantities of the main ingredients. Ice-cream uses more cream (and thus has a higher fat content), whilst gelato uses more milk. Another key difference in the ingredients is that eggs are used in ice-cream whilst gelato is egg-free. Secondly, the process of making each frozen dessert is different. Gelato is churned a lot slower than ice-cream is resulting in a denser consistency whilst ice-cream can hold up to 50% air. Thirdly, the texture of each are different to each other as they’re stored at different temperatures. Gelato is stored at a slightly warmer temperature than ice-cream resulting in a more silky texture, whereas ice-cream is frozen and has a creamy, fluffy texture.

What is gelato made of? 

The basic ingredients of gelato are milk, cream, sugar, and the mystery ingredient, air. Once you’ve combined the milk, cream and sugar over the heat you can then add different flavourings like chocolate, chopped nuts or fruit.The main difference to ice-cream is that a higher quantity of milk is used in the recipe compared to cream. And, the gelato is slowly churned meaning there’s less air packed into the dessert. All of that means that gelato actually tastes a lot more intense than ice-cream. 

Who invented gelato? 

Curious about how this fantastic dessert came to be? It was created by Bernando Buontalenti during the 16th century. While there are stories of gelato dating back to Ancient Eygptian times too, the first written recipe for gelato appeared in Rome during the trade of compacted snow from Vesuvius. After the fall of the Roman empire however, gelato disappeared from Italy for a time. The Arabs were responsible for the next progression of gelato (and for returning it to Italy) as they made frozen fruit juices known as “sherbert,” which means “sweet snow” in Arabic. Fast forward to the 16th century and Bernando was the man to add eggs and milk to the mixture and create something a little closer to the gelato of today.

Lavezzi Gelateria

Created by Italian-Australians, gelato-making runs in the blood for the Lavezzi family. The family first started making gelato in Italy 150 years ago, and today Rafaello Lavezzi carries on his family’s tradition in Melbourne, Australia. Rafaello’s great grandfather was a renowned gelato maker in the coastal town Formia, in Italy, where Italians would travel for miles just to experience his delicious gelato. The story dates back to 1870 where the family would collect the snow from Mount Vesuvius and combine it with fresh lemon juice. Today, the tradition continues in Melbourne where they use only the freshest ingredients and churn their gelato fresh every day. Their philosophy of non troppo zucchero or ‘not too much sugar’ allows the flavours to sing.

Our Gelato Flavours 

We have seriously delicious flavours to try at Co-Lab Pantry available in 500ml or 1L tubs. Choose from: 

  • Pistachio
  • Hazelnut
  • Salted caramel
  • Bacio
  • Oreo
  • Espresso
  • Lemon sorbet
  • Dark chocolate sorbet
  • Peanut butter & monella sorbet

Our Ice-Cream Flavours

Don’t forget we also have delicious ice-cream if that’s more your thing. You can choose from: 

  • Vegan salted caramel ice-cream
  • Vegan chocolate ice-cream
  • Vegan peanut butter choc-chip ice-cream
  • Cookies & cream
  • Vanilla
  • Choc mint ice-cream

Gelato Near Me

Looking for gelato near you? If you live in Melbourne, Australia we offer delicious Italian-style gelato from Lavezzi straight to your door. Choose from 10 different delicious flavours including classic pistachio and hazelnut, or try their vegan and gluten-free lemon sorbet and more. When you shop at Co-Lab Pantry, you can cross-purchase from the very best local restaurants, wineries and producers with just one delivery fee. Don’t forget, we also offer gift wrapping so you can treat someone special with the best Australian food and drinks, all wrapped up and ready to go!

Ice-Cream Near Me

Instead, if you’re a fan of a good tub of ice-cream let us bring it straight to your door! We offer Australia-wide delivery of the delicious Billy Van Creamy ice-cream. Choose from classic vanilla, or jazz things up with a tub of peanut butter, choc-chip or cookies and cream.

Gelato Toppings

Are you a sucker for a drizzle of chocolate topping on your gelato and/or ice-cream? We’ve got the best ice-cream toppings in the biz thanks to our friends at Messina. Choose from delectable dulce de leche topping, chocolate hazelnut or peanut butter to bring your ice-cream flavours to life.

Frozen Desserts

Love frozen desserts? It’s not just ice-cream and gelato! At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock a curated edit of beautiful frozen desserts to enjoy at home. We have a range of delicious cakes from Brunetti, as well as frozen sweet dumplings to freeze and then fry up when you’re hungry. Enjoy perusing our entire collection, but a word of warning- it will be difficult don’t look whilst you’re hungry!