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Koko Black

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The finest Belgian couverture chocolate, meticulously handcrafted in Melbourne. Koko Black is the premiere destination for those passionate about choc...

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Koko Black

The finest Belgian couverture chocolate, meticulously handcrafted in Melbourne. Koko Black is the premiere destination for those passionate about chocolate. With countless unique assortments in their range, the complex, indulgent and adventurous flavours are sure to delight.

About Koko Black 

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Koko Black produces luxury, gourmet chocolate. The chocolatier strives to celebrate the best of Australian produce using only Australian nuts, Tasmanian honey and other local ingredients in their products. Each chocolate is crafted in Melbourne using only the finest ingredients. The brand launched back in 2001 and from there has grown to have stores in all major Australian cities. After extensive travels and learnings in Germany and Belgium, Koko Black was launched and revolutionised the chocolate industry in Australia. 

Koko Black Online

Discover renowned chocolates from Koko Black online at Co-Lab Pantry. We stock a curated edit of the very best chocolates and confectionery from this iconic Australian chocolatier. All of our packs make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts, or as a little treat to keep in the pantry at home or your desk drawer at work. Choose from best-selling chocolates like their freckles, salted caramel marbles, or toasted almonds covered in chocolate. Enjoy shopping from over 150 local Australian restaurants, artisans and producers with just one delivery fee when you shop with us at Co-Lab Pantry. We offer next day delivery for our Melbourne customers, which you can find out more about here

Koko Black Delivery

Looking for Koko Black delivery? At Co-Lab Pantry we offer Koko Black delivery Australia-wide. Enjoy the very finest chocolates no matter where you are in Australia! If you live in Melbourne, take advantage of our next day delivery offer too to enjoy your chocolate without any delays. 

Koko Black Gift Box

Chocolate is always a great gift, but even more so when it’s from artisan chocolate makers Koko Black. All of the products we stock at Co-Lab Pantry from this chocolatier are ideal for gifting and come with beautiful packaging. Mix and match different flavours depending on whether you’re gifting a small thought or want to create a custom gift hamper. 

Chocolate Freckles 

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned chocolate freckle? Made from milk chocolate with sprinkles on-top, this fits the bill and is a best-seller for a reason. We love that it comes beautifully packaged too, so it’s perfect for gifting or enjoying a little taste of luxury for you. 

Leatherwood Honeycomb Milk

Enjoy sweet, crunchy honeycomb from Tasmania encased in premium milk chocolate. This delicious honeycomb makes for a thoughtful gift or keep it just for you. This is a wonderful example of how Koko Black celebrates Australian produce, with the honeycomb sourced from the west coast of Tasmania. It has a sweet yet slightly spicy finish. You can feel less guilty about indulging, given that honeycomb is a natural probiotic, so it may be helpful in supporting good gut health, as well as treating wounds, burns and infections.

Hazelnut and Cocoa Bits Dark

Calling all dark chocolate lovers, or those looking for vegan-friendly choccie. We love this elegant 54% dark chocolate from Koko Black. If you’re a lover of hazelnuts too, you’ll adore them even more when encased in chocolate.

Chocolate Marbles

If you’re looking for an extra special chocolate, try one of the Koko Black marble sets. We love the salted caramel combo filled with molten Tasmanian sea salt caramel.

Buy Chocolate Online 

If you’re looking to buy premium chocolate and confectionery online in Australia, discover the best collection at Co-Lab Pantry. Choose from iconic brands like Cuvee, Hunted + Gathered, Somage, Chocolati Confectionery, Brunetti, Mörk and more. Whether you’re shopping for your own pantry, or buying a gift, you can find beautiful chocolates that everyone will love here.