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Cakes You Should Be Consuming Right Now

Photo by Audrey Allard

Cakes You Should Be Consuming Right Now

Published on November 17th, 2021
By Co-lab Pantry

We're out of lockdown and we're celebrating the joys that life has to offer. With that, comes cakes and pastries of sorts to be celebrated with. Not sure where to start? Allow us to help you with, with the guide of cakes to be consuming, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and all other days thereafter.


+ Miss Trixie

Alice Bennet, if you haven't yet heard of Alice or Miss Trixie you may have been living under a rock, but fear not we're intro'ing you to her now. The Ka-ween of puns and cakes together, Miss Trixie creates message cakes fit for any occasion. From birthdays, to baby showers, to kicking cancer in the butt, thank you's to jaw-dropping wedding cakes. Not just easy on the eyes, but also ridiculously tasty. Pouring her absolute heart and soul into her tasty creations, Miss Trixie uses only quality ingredients and isn't afraid of saying so. In her words, she's an ingredient snob. You'll find no home brand chocolate or other ingredients here.

    You can purchase her incredible cookies here and order a cake or three here.

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    + Holy Sugar

    Audrey Allard, the one woman show that is Holy Sugar. Audrey, originally from Northern NSW made her way to Melbourne to spruce her culinary skills and make a name for herself - and that she did. Working in some of Melbourne's iconic venues such as Pt Leo Estate to Lune Croissanterie. In 2020 Audrey decided to make use of free time by baking goods for fam and friends using our good pals Worksmith commercial kitchen to which Holy Sugar was born. Creating beautiful boxes of small tarts and cakes in the Inner North of Melbourne, Holy Sugar has very much erupted in the last 12 months. Available weekly, these boxes quite literally sell out in minutes (even seconds) so you need to get in quick. Set your reminder for 6pm Tuesdays to snag yourself a box.

      You can order a tasty box here.

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      + Tarts Anon

      Keen for a tart? It's got to be Tarts Anon and most likely, only Tarts Anon - that's what the community is saying anyway and we're sticking by it. Originally from NSW, Gareth and Cat are the duo behind the brand. Tarts Anon born out of necessity in the crazy circumstances of 2020. Gareth is a pastry chef of 15+ years experience. He was the head pastry chef of Dinner By Heston Blumenthal (Melbourne) until it shut its doors at the start of 2020. Now, you’ll find him designing the menus at Lune Croissanterie. It's no wonder these Tarts sell out in less than a minute (true story). Orders open at 6pm weekly on Monday's. You'll need to set your alarm week on week, new records are broken for the fastest tarts selling out. Typically new flavours out each week, you can opt for a Tarts in quarters, halves or whole.

        Order the best tarts here.

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        + Monforte Viennoiserie

        Open four days a week from a cute little kiosk in Carlton, you'll find Monforte Viennoiserie producing small batch seasonal pastries and jams. Giorgia McAllister Forte is the brains and pastry genius of 10+ years behind Monforte Viennoiserie. All ingredients used are sourced locally and typically regionally straight from the farm. The menu is created celebrating the seasons when produce is at it's best. Think bright stone fruits and berries in the Summer and apples, pears and citrus fruits in the Winter. Start your weekend bright and early to get in quick and snag yourself a few pastries before they sell out. Each pastry makes for the perfect something small to bring to your next gathering amongst friends and fam, or for your own gathering of one.

          Find Monforte Viennoiserie here.

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          + Clementine Day

          Not technically selling cakes, but she is giving out ridiculously simple to follow recipes that put on a show. Perfect for serving guests you're entertaining, or showing off to any dinner party you're attending. Clementine Day, also known as the author/instagram account of Somethings I like to Cook has also blown up in the last 12 months. Her cake recipes (and all others) are truly breath taking and stand out amongst the crowd. Topped with florals, Clementine's cakes are sweet on the eyes and on the pallet. Try her Lemon & Lavender Curd Tart or Flower Birthday Cake. Doing many a solid, Clementine has released a second print of her cookbook, Coming Together packed with recipes. Makes for the perfect gift too.

            Preorder Coming Together here.

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