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Top 20 Must have Picnic Essentials this Spring - Sonja  Veljanovski

Photo by Sonja Veljanovski

Top 20 Must have Picnic Essentials this Spring

Published on October 14th, 2021
By Co-lab Pantry

Finally, we can smell the scent of Spring as we approach Picnic Season. Fluffing our picnic rugs out, dusting off our picnic baskets and lathering up that SPF.

As we reconnect and indulge in some long awaited human interaction, we've put together a list of 20 must have picnic purchases to woo your entrance at the Royal Botanical Gardens (or any flat patch of grass) this Spring.

Top 20 Must have Picnic Essentials this Spring:

  1. Four Pillars Orange Marmalade: the ultimate must have and boujee picnic addition. The most exquisite accompaniment to any cracker or slice of Fromage.

  2. Fromage d'Addinois: soft-ripened French cheese, double-creme. It's lighter, smoother, silkier texture than other Brie and will have you consuming the wedge within 5 minutes. Don't hold back.

  3. The Fine Cheese Co's Lemon & Sea Salt Crackers: the Fine Cheese Co have been cheese specialists for twenty years, and make it their business to know what flatters it. Enter the also gluten free fine cracker, makes for happy days amongst gluten intolerant friends.

  4. Chappy's Kettle Potato Chips: made in Melbourne from Aussie Potatoes, they're light, crispy and extra tasty. Also gluten free, these potato chips make for another kind addition amongst gluten intolerant friends.

  5. Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar: brought to you by specialty producers Four Pillars Gin and Yarra Valley Caviar, it's super fancy and super tasty. BYO Oysters for an extra level of 'subtle' out doing others.

  6. Yarra Valley Dairy Firey Cheese: fresh cows milk cheese marinated in dried chilli, garlic and olive oil. Creamy with a savoury chilli warm finish. Perfect for the humans that love a little kick to their bite.

  7. Strange Love Mixers: from Smokey Cola, Holy Grapefruit, Yuzu and Very Mandarin. These glass bottled drinks are sophisticated in looks and thirst quenching on the lips.

  8. Puopolo Cacciatore: mild, hot, Hungarian and fenneled. Sliced, diced, by the bite? Do it all.

  9. Alfajor Dulce de Leche Cookies: Asado Melbourne have put their Argentinian skills in the works for you to impress this Spring. Made with flour, butter, caster sugar, whole egg, wheaten cornflour, baking powder and condensed milk. Sounds interesting right? If you haven't tried them, do yourself and the picnic crew a favour.

  10. Mount Zero Organic Mixed Olives: quality olives as they should be. Pop the lid open and voila, ready to serve.

  11. King & Godfree Mixed Nuts: a mixed range of crunch and fuel booster for the frisbee spins, in between picnic chats.

  12. Nutshoppe Apricot Coconut Delight: a little sweet tooth? This is the perfect hit, whilst also moorish and super addictive. A great discovery your friends will snap and tag you on the socials for.

  13. Babaganouj dip: burnt eggplants, blended with roast garlic, yoghurt and tahini from Carlton's Babajan. Hello, fancy picnic.

  14. Hunted and Gathered 70% Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate: clean and pristine packaging, smooth and delightful bite size squares. How can you not include Hunted and Gathered's range to your plate.

  15. MoVida Piquillo Peppers: incredibly sweet, complex and smokey peppers that also qualify for the prestigious Denominacion de Origin de Lodosa which certifies the best Pimiento del Piquillo from the region of Navarre, just to the south of San Sebastian. Talk about Boujee picnic essentials.

  16. Innocent Bystander Prosecco: white peach, guava and lemon zest with a clean crisp finish, because everyday should be celebrated with Prosecco (and the fact that you can now drink alcohol at public picnic parks). Drink responsibly of course.

  17. Via Porta Cornichons: these Via Porta pickled veggies are tart and crisp and have a sweet and sour flavour. Snack from the jar or pop them onto a fine cracker or two.

  18. Selected by Will Studd Brillat Savarin: she's very fancy. Deliciously creamy with a slightly chalky centre when young, the texture gradually breaks down until it can be scooped from the centre with a spoon. Major delicious vibes.

  19. City Larder Free Range Pork, Hazelnut and Apricot Terrine: packs more of a punch than its pistachio sibling. The hint of garlic, roasted hazelnuts and acidity balance of the dried apricots make this a firm favourite for many. Add it to the platter, go on. 

  20. Australian Muscatels: the goods no one would expect you to bring to the picnic. Level up with Nutshoppe's Australian Muscatels.

How are you showing up at your next picnic this Spring? Mix the lot, and show your fam and friends what you've discovered behind closed doors. Cheers to sunshine and picnics.

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