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Co-lab Pantry Festive Gift Guide

Photo by Sonja Veljanovski

Co-lab Pantry Festive Gift Guide

Published on November 18th, 2021
By Co-lab Pantry

It seems we're all trying to get super organised this Christmas to avoid any form of Christmas chaos. After all, we have all become master shoppers in the last 18 months, haven't we.

With so many options coming at us, it can become a little overwhelming deciding on what to get your colleague, your secret admirer, full time lover, gal pals or perhaps even your Father-in-Law to be. So, we've created a little go-to list to make it all that little bit easier for you. One thing to keep in mind when gift-giving is that not only have we become master shoppers in the last 18 months, we've also become master home cooks and entertainers, and thus we give you the perfect Co-lab Pantry Festive Gift Guide for all those said above, and more - because, be on theme, always. 


  1. Hunted + Gathered Chocolate
  2. Four Pillars Orange Marmalade 
  3. The Evereligh ready-to-pour Cocktails
  4. Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil 
  5. Gin Mayo



  1. Brunetti Mixed Biscotti
  2. Assorted Macarons, By Josephine 
  3. Christmas Cookies, By Miss Trixie 
  4. Shiraz Gin Caviar
  5. Pasta, Sugo, Olive Oil



  1. Champagne 
  2. Saluministi Panettone 
  3. Cook Books
  4. Wine, Cocktails, Beer
  5. Ready-Made Meals



  1. Hot Sauce Pack
  2. All I Want for Christmas Pack 
  3. The Perfect Pair Pack 
  4. Season Staples Pack
  5. Sweet Tooth Pack

If you're still unsure but the whole Co-lab Pantry theme is indeed tickling your fancy, perhaps opt for a digital gift voucher? It's the safest option for the foodie/beverage lover.

Need more help? Drop us a line, and we'll provide our two cents. Let's get festive.

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