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The Creamy History of Crackers & Cheese

Photo by CoLab

The Creamy History of Crackers & Cheese

Published on July 8th, 2022
By CoLab

Have you ever wondered how the playful pairing of cheese & crackers came to be? Cheese, without a doubt, is one of the most delectable foods in the world. It has a mildly addictive compound (it’s a scientific fact!) called casein that has an opiate molecule known as casomorphins that makes our brains crave for it. Cheese is like a peculiar character that you’re curious to explore– it comes in many different types, it’s stinky yet tasty - and we’re here for it.


Crackers, on the other hand, tells a different story. It’s flat, dry and typically made from flour. It’s uncomplicated and straightforward. But, let’s not be fooled by how plain crackers look because we all know how incredible they can taste— salty, sweet and savoury. And together with cheese, they transform into a perfect food combination that you can find in unlikely places— from lunch boxes, soups to hors d'oeuvre and charcuterie boards.


So, how did cheese and crackers find each other and become a perfect food pairing? Let’s explore!

Crackers were first known as pilot bread or sea biscuit.

A man named John Pearson of Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA was said to have invented the crackers in 1792. He named them Pearson’s pilot bread but later came to be called as sea biscuit because sailors, explorers and travellers became fans of the pilot bread because of its shelf life, thus the beginning of crackers travelling the world.

The term crackers came from its crackling sound in the brick oven.

Josiah Bent, also from Massachusetts, came up with the name crackers because of the crackling noise in his brick oven while baking the biscuits in 1801.

Cheese and crackers were used as war ration.

Who would've thought that cheese and crackers were war heroes! Cheese and crackers, called hardtack during the war, were used as a food ration in the American Civil War to keep the army and navy from starvation during battle. Hardtack is made from unleavened water and flour. They referred to the food pairing as ‘square meal’.

Travellers and mountaineers paired cheese and crackers with meat and raisins.

Because good food and home cooked meals are hard to come by during travelling and mountain explorations, American pioneer Ezra Meeker would eat hardtack and cheese with dried venison. Mountaineer Philip Rogers would add raisins and nuts to his square meal.

Crackers and cheese became a popular snack in homes and parties by the 20th century.

Crackers and cheese became a national food sensation in America. They were added in salads, soups and other dishes, and were served at home and during parties. By the 1950s, crackers and cheese was recommended as a snack for children.


Easy Cracker & Cheese Combinations

When in need of a quick snack, we look to cheese and crackers.. You just need a pack of crackers, a slice of cheese and a few extra ingredients for a quick and tasty appetiser ready to serve. Here are a few combinations:

Cheddar and Apple Slices

Sounds off, but don’t dis it until you’ve tried it. Add a healthy twist to your crackers and cheese with apple slices. Sprinkle some ground cinnamon and nut butter to make it more exciting.

BLT Crackers

Make mini BLTs with crackers. Toss in some lettuce, a little mayo, cheese, bacon and tomatoes, and voila.

Mini Pizzas

Another mini take on a favourite dish, make mini pizzas with crackers and cheese using mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and your choice of toppings. Pop in the microwave until the cheese is melted and you’ll have your cute-sized pizza! Bon appetit!

Guac & Crackers

Who doesn’t love a bowl of guacamole? Mash some avocados, add some coriander , onions, lime, olive oil, salt, pepper and queso fresco/fresh cheese. Mix them together then dip those crackers!

Hummus & Olive Crackers

Hummus is another beloved favourite that you can always find at parties or at home in your fridge. Prepare the wine and your favourite cheese and cracker of course, add some olives and marinated peppers on the side. Be sure to add the hummus, with double-dipping encouraged.

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