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Crispy Chilli Oil

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Straight from Chotto Motto comes the chilli oil we've all been waiting for - packed with fried garlic and onions for extra crispiness and covered in sesame oil, yum! Mild Heat. 200 ml (6.7 oz). Pairs super well with Drumplings and Oriental Tea House dumplings.

What is chilli oil?

Do you love hot sauce? How about spice? Then you’re going to adore Chotto Motto’s chilli oil. Chilli oil is just what it sounds like- it’s a vegetable oil that’s infused with chilli and often other ingredients like garlic and onion for extra flavour. It’s a really popular condiment in some Chinese and South-East Asian cuisines.

Chilli and Garlic Oil

At Co-Lab Pantry we stock a curated edit of our favourite chilli oils. This one from Chotto Motto is infused with garlic, onions and chilli, but if you want extra crunch, try their Super Crunch Edition.

How to make chilli oil

If you’re curious to try and make your own chilli oil, discover Julia Ostro’s recipe for a quick and easy oil here. Or better yet, use this chilli oil from Chotto Motto and combine it with her delicious dish of spicy pork and udon noodles. Chilli oil can be used on literally everything- eggs, pasta, rice, noodles...wherever you want some spice!

Best Chilli Oil

If you’re looking for more delicious chilli based sauces, discover our full collection here. When you shop at Co-Lab Pantry, you can enjoy cross-shopping from the very best local restaurants, bars, cafes, producers and wineries all in one online destination. Stock up on pantry essentials, order ready-made meals (restaurant-quality of course!), and discover new recipes in our blog section.

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