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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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It’s the much loved classic ice cream flavour that rules them all. If you want to judge a good ice cream brand, they say to try their vanilla. And judging from the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from Billy Van Creamy, you are in for a serious treat with this frozen beauty! Order now at Co-Lab Pantry.

This is a smooth Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream, made in house at Fitzroy's Billy Van Creamy using organic milk, fresh cream, organic raw sugar, free range egg yolk, skim milk powder, flaxseed, and of course, vanilla beans.

Sometimes a simple bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream is all you feel like. When the craving strikes, try this creamy delight from Co-Lab Pantry.

Fitzroy's Billy Van Creamy pride themselves on real ice-cream. The kind that is hand-made, uses quality dairy from Schulz Organic Dairy and fresh cream from micro-producer, St David Dairy, and only fresh ingredients - forget pastes or bases here. They use zero stabilisers or emulsifiers, artificial colours or flavours and only use free-range egg yolks instead. And, they even offer creamy vegan flavours that they churn with their own cashew and coconut milk blend!

At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock a curated edit of delicious ice-cream from Billy Van Creamy. Choose from Cookies and Cream Ice CreamChoc MintPeanut Butter & Choc Chip, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate.

Get your Vanilla Bean Ice Cream now at Co-Lab Pantry. Enjoy free delivery on orders over $150 in the Melbourne and Sydney Metropolitan areas. Discover our curated edit of frozen desserts now. We work with the best restaurants and food producers in Australia, delivering top quality frozen meals and pantry staples from our chefs to your doorstep.

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